Aquatic Rebellion is derived from all Combat / Kick & Punches / TaeBo / Martial Arts combinations you can find.

It is actually fighting the water, but with a mental focus. Concentration and coordination is the key, small combos are repeated over and over.
My inspiration comes from many different classes like ThaiFit and Strong By Zumba, which I just love to teach! The water is a nice and safe environment, so let’s add power and strength and battle it!


  • kicks in a 4 repeater – single – single – double – double pattern (not easy!) Brings the concentration up!
  • Start with tam tam pushes and add arms open & open to other side / ski legs
  • ArmPunches (cross and jab) ON the music (side to side)
  • Cross country ski, bigger and stronger, water and half water tempo, split jumps up From split stance, ski jump switches (repeat all and then go to the other leg)
  • Legs: pendulum swings & buttkicks + arm circles In transverse & frontal plane combined with long lever open & close in shoulder joint
  • Fired (Pirate) fun: 4 repeater kicks, 2 alternate and 2 doubles (doubles become back and forward) + Katana sword moves
  • Jumping jacks In 3 (plus legs up & down) with lots of variations (also level 3) with arms endo- & exorotations
  • Taps to the diagonals, alternate, repeat same side, with cross over, no hands and longer lever, in 3 with base in and out
  • Jogs, knees high out of the water, jog back & forward, keep 1 knee up and jump up (repeat and switch legs, finish with one leg alternated jumps)
  • Twists 2 legs and 1 leg: strong for balance, high for speed!
  • Walking in blocks, add turns for turbulence (groups!)
  • Cooldown: Where the heart is (Haevn) Stretches & Swings, bend & lift, crossed legs, back stretches