H.E.A.T. with Katrien Lemahieu (Kataqua)

High Energy Aquatic Training is based on the options for High Intensity Training, but with a lower intensity and longer duration as the standard HIIT or HITT. I have developed this workout as it is easier to perform for participants, as really High Intensity is hard to reach in aquatics and needs lots of endurance in speed and force. My inspiration comes from building a block of exercises, add intensity increase in a part of the combination and end with adding power and speed to the full combo in the end: endurance training to its maximum!

Combo one: ‘kicks’

– right leg kick front, side, back and bring straight leg up
– front leg swing back and forward twice, other legs jumps forward and back
– back leg cross kick back, open other side, 2 legs to that side and push down
– both legs front push, push jack open, push front and back down
Repeat on the other side

Combo two: ‘sides’

– 4 kicks to the side (little twist in upper body) and opposite arm pushes
– 2 sweeps (back leg bring front and back just above the pools floor and TAP)
– (1/4 turn) cross country ski with diagonal arms (transverse plane)
– 2 level 3 (suspended) circles (long lever if possible) to bring legs back down Repeat on the other side

Combo three: ‘jack knee’

– 2 jacks with one knee up (same knee twice)
– 2 rocking horse with back (and front) kick
– jump and twice back leg knee up, put back
– front leg knee up, kick front, slice to the back (sweep in a circle if possible) and put down Repeat to the other side
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